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Bushbaby, bushbaby, give me your paw / Give me somethin’ with a sharp grooming claw.” It’s as true today as it was when musical parody artist Odd Toby sang it to the tune of Beach Baby by The First Class.

Special powers

Unlike most other animals larger than a bug, the bushbaby helps to pollinate plants, because it is more thoughtful than the others.

It's a good egg.

It’s a good egg.

The bushbaby has incredible jumping skills. It has been recorded doing a standing jump of 7 and a half feet. That’s really good. Perhaps too good.

It considers urine a viable communication strategy.

Oh, and obviously it has good night vision.


The bushbaby’s sight comes at a price, with its eminently pokeable peepers.

Number of legs


Choice Wikipedia quote

“Social grooming is performed more often by males in the group. Females often reject the attempts made by the males to groom them.”

Women, right?


The bushbaby is also known as the galago, WeezerFan90, and the nagapie (Afrikaans for “little night monkey”).

What if it fought a bear?

See the weaknesses category. The bushbaby’s gonna end up blind.

Is it noble?


Final rating

As I alluded to earlier, the bushbaby’s preternatural leaping is so impressive, it possibly crosses the line from cool to scary. Picture this thing…


…with its enormous eyes and long, grasping, calloused fingers flying from ground level up to your face in an instant. And if it has something to say to you, it might be spraying urine as it does so. The bushbaby has good intentions, but it’s still creepy.





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