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In the Venn diagram between the antelope and the rabbit, the creature in the overlap area is the dik-dik. It combines the look of the antelope with the size and adorable hops of the rabbit.


So cute.

Yes, but how did the dik-dik get so cute? It appears scientifically impossible. In this case, appearances do not deceive, as the dik-dik got so cute not through science, but sorcery. In the year 1892, the dik-dik was just as large as its antelope brothers, until it was stricken by a gypsy curse. The gypsies were actually not even aiming for the dik-dik, who had done nothing wrong, but was caught in the crossfire.

The gypsies’ true target.

Special powers

The dik-dik is notorious for emitting a high-pitched alarm that alerts all around it to the presence of predators. Basically, it is a snitch.


Inability to keep a secret. Many scientists consider this to be the main reason that the dik-dik is not a very good friend.

Number of legs


Number of stomachs


Do I own a Beanie Baby of it?

Oh man how cute would that be?

What if it fought a bear?

Snitches get stitches.

Is it noble?


Final rating

Other than its snitching tendencies, the dik-dik is just really so nice. While I feel bad that it did not deserve its gypsy curse, the result is absolutely adorable. Then again, snitches get sixes.



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