Blister beetle

Blister beetle

Only one animal was used in the creation of the world’s first stink bomb, and it wasn’t the skunk despite what it claims. It was the blister beetle, a.k.a. Spanish fly, a.k.a. Boss.[1]

Special powers

The blister beetle secretes cantharidin, a poison that causes blisters.


It secretes cantharidin because it has no conscience and doesn’t care who it hurts.

Number of legs



The blister beetle has no enemies any more than it has friends. We are all just objects to its mind.



What if it fought a bear?

The bear hates blisters. It won’t bother with this beetle.

Is it noble?


Final rating

The blister beetle may feel nothing for or against me, but I consider this sociopath my foe.







[1]It is called this by every single customer-facing male employee it meets. Even the judge at the blister beetle’s arraignment called it that.

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