Okay, listn. Did I forgrt to writ an ananimal rating? Maybe yes. Maybe also yes. Did Karen bteak op with me? That’s a truth too. Have I ahd a couple? I’m an adult and you’re not my superb visor.

But we’re not here to ta;k about any of thatt. We’re gonna talk about the nite. Sorry, the mi5e. Sorry, the mite.



Special powers

It can make you ittchy. That’s nothing. I’m have the supered powres here. DID YOU KNOW if you put teqiula in teh whisky, you will VUKCING TIME TRABELffff I am seven Justice Leauges and I am RUDE. You made a BIG mistaek, Karem.


Uu88uugh I gotta do all these ctaghoeriis uuuuugh.

The mite is so so tiny. It’s like miscrobocapbly small. Uou need a micorscoep to see it.[1] Why wuld you want to.

Number of legs


The Kingfisher Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals Says

“and they live in all sorts of odd places, including the nostrils of seals, the hearing organs of moths, and decaying cheese.”

Hoo boy hhhhhhhhhh


I fel sick.

What if it fought a bear?

Who cares a siht?

Is it noble?


Final rating

Kaaern come backkkk






[1]Juts like Kraren’s heart.

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