Speaking in a manner of introduction, I’d like to say my name is Randall and I am the traditional writer of this site Nathan’s younger cousin. My mom says writing guest posts will help me get better at writing essays for school. Today I will be writing to review the bluebird.

The great musical artist Drake once said, you never know what you got ’til it’s gone. In this time of the year which is Christmas time of the year, the bluebird is gone away, which makes this the perfect time to know what we got in terms of the bluebird.

Eastern Bluebird

This is a picture of what the bluebird looks like.

Special powers

I know I did this once already, but I still do not understand these dumb categories my cousin made up for this web site. In my personal own opinion, I do not think that the bluebird has any special powers even at all. It just flies around and builds a home out of a nest.


The bluebird is one of the most boring of animals, even of birds, who are usually boring animals but this is not always true also. For instance, an example is the falcon, which is totally awesome and could beat up any bluebird[1]. You can insult a bluebird and you won’t get in trouble, unlike if you do the same thing to Meaghan H. or Captain Ruffles.[2] Therefore and herewithin, according to the transition property, a bluebird is less protected than either of them and both of them are drags, so what does that tell you about the bluebird.

Number of legs

Birds don’t have legs. Wait, I guess they do actually. Never mind.


The bluebird likes to eat insects and berries. This is extremely gross, and disgusting.

What if it fought a bear?

I saw the bluebird while I was out in the woods with my dad. I asked him if we would see any bears and he said to be quiet, he was concentrating. The second time I asked he said there were no bears there. So we can draw the conclusion that the bluebird has never met a bear.

Is it noble?


Final rating

I hope I have demonstrated in the points demonstrated above that my writing is very fine for essays in any subject, including one as lame as the bluebird. In fact, I will soon meet the word count I was asked to



This is all he wrote. I asked Randall what rating he gave the bluebird and he held up a very specific finger on each hand. I will take that to mean a






[1]It doesn’t matter if it’s a really strong bluebird because the strongest a bluebird can be is still weak compared to a falcon or John Cena.

[2]Randall’s family’s dog. – Nathan

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