Pigbutt worm

Pigbutt worm

The pigbutt worm doesn’t have the absolute funniest name of the animals I’ve rated, but it’s certainly up there in the top tier. And boy is that name well earned.

pigbutt worm

Worm look like a pigbutt.

Special powers

The pigbutt worm catches its prey with a mucus net. Unsuspecting critters think it’s just a normal, everyday patch of mucus, but as soon as they float near it, the pigbutt worm strikes. I don’t know if you’ve ever had something that looks like a pig butt suddenly assault you when you’re just innocently hanging out in some mucus, but it is a terrifying experience.


Looking like a disembodied floating pig butt has its disadvantages. There’s never coming in first in a beauty pageant, for one. There’s being denied service in public places. There’s only weirdos ever wanting to kiss you. I’m sure you can think of two, maybe three others.

Number of legs


Number of cheeks


Known aliases

The flying buttocks was the pigbutt worm’s stage name in the circus. It wasn’t strictly accurate, though since it doesn’t fly. Apparently it didn’t think the swimming buttocks was flashy enough.

What if it fought a bear?

Haha can you imagine that? That’d look funny.

Is it noble?


Final rating

Just look at that thing. That’s so good I can forgive it for being a lowly worm.




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