Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon

There is an island where lives a fascinating creature with a misleading name: the komodo dragon.

Komodo dragon

Nickname “Dr. Nomodo”

I say misleading because the komodo dragon is not a true dragon. It lacks wings. Its fire-breathing is poor at best. It does, however, love guarding gold.

Special powers

Terrible as it is at it, the komodo dragon does breathe some fire, which is more than most can claim. It is also very very big for a lizard. Its tongue is tremendously talented; it can taste from 800 yards away, detect smells as subtle as 0.01 PU* per million, and play the piano.

Komodo dragon tongue

The komodo’s tongue prefers old standards and showtunes.

The komodo dragon is also an excellent baker.


The fire-breathing is really bad. Just really shoddy work. Beyond that, the komodo dragon is terrified to leave its island, much as people with agoraphobia are terrified to go to agoras.

Also, an inability to snap.

Number of legs


Blood style (on a scale of hot to cold)

The komodo dragon is an ectotherm. It requires external heat in order to remain active. From time to time, it can be self-sufficient by warming itself with its own fire breath. While this would be case closed for a true dragon, this strategy is far from reliable for the komodo. So, it supplements that with other sources of heat, such as Snuggies, lamps, laying on the vent, and freshly baked bread (see Special powers).

Horrifying Wikipedia quote

“Copious amounts of red saliva that the Komodo dragons produce help to lubricate the food, but swallowing is still a long process (15–20 minutes to swallow a goat).”

What if it fought a bear?

If the komodo dragon’s gold was in danger of being stolen by the bear (which is plausible considering the bear’s track record as a thief), it would shut that bear down.

Is it noble?


Final rating

It’s not hard to see why the komodo dragon doesn’t want to leave its island. It’s a cool place, and surprisingly cozy for a volcanic base (dated though the wood-paneled walls may be). Still, it’s a very insular life to live. And this ties in a bit with its gold, too. How about sharing some of that with the world, komodo dragon? You don’t even have an economy!

Still, it’s a challenge to stay mad at someone who can play “Chopsticks” with its tongue.





*Standing for “Pee-you Units”

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