Black panther

Black panther

Do you know Adam Baldwin?*

Adam Baldwin

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More specifically, do you know that Adam is not a “regular-universe” Baldwin? He hails from an Earth that vibrates at a slightly different frequency, where the other Baldwins rule the globe as the Crime Syndicate. He was not the first to cross over into our plane, however. Before him came the black panther.

The black panther has confused scientists for years, because it appears to be a genetic match for the leopard, but while it isn’t a different species in the traditional sense, it does hail from a different universe. The study of alternate realities is still a young science**, so you’ll find that many so-called experts continue to claim this creature as nothing more than a morph of its Earth-Prime counterpart.

Special powers

The black panther obviously can hide very well in the shadows… and feel very much at home, given that it is a shadow of a sort itself. It also has all the standard class attributes of any other big cat (teeth, claws, et. al.).


The heart is located on the black panther’s right side rather than left, making things awkward whenever it hears the national anthem.

black panther

It doesn't recognize your non-Baldwin nation-states anyway.

Number of legs


Political connections

As you’re reading this, sitting comfortably on your personal airship,*** sailing comfortably through skies that are not constantly patrolled by the Crime Syndicate’s hunter drones, you may be thinking: “The black panther is a founder of the leftist organization of the same name, right?”

Well, admiral, I hope this error of assumption will make a dent in your hubris – perhaps even enough for you to stop insisting that people call you admiral. In fact, the animal the black panther has nothing to do with the Black Panther Party other than posing for its emblem as a personal favor to Huey P. Newton.

Fierceness factor

It’s already high from having the traits of the leopard, and the super-cool black coat only increases it.

What if it fought a bear?

That depends if it’s the Earth-Two bear or the Bear-Prime.

Is it noble?


Final rating

The black panther, unlike Adam Baldwin, is generally a supporter of the Crime Syndicate’s authority. However, it is also a firm believer in honor and fair play. Not to mention good fashion sense, given how slick it looks.






*He is the only American to have served in the Revolutionary War, Vietnam War, Chocolate War, and Poseidon Adventure.

**Currently spearheaded by the research of Dr. John “Fringey” Noble.

***Attention potential sponsors; my blog audience skews rich/eccentric.

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