The animal I’ll be rating today is the first of its class to be featured here on this blog. The animal is the bumblebee, and the class is – of course – Autobots.

Like its kin, the bumblebee hails from Cybertron, but is one of a number who have made their home on Earth. Over the years, the bumblebee has been integrated into its environment. It has even formed symbiotic relationships with flowers, serving as a pollinator in exchange for precious Energon reserves stored in the anther. The bumblebee is a particularly valuable pollinator in this day and age, as it practices buzz pollination – using word of mouth and social media in order to facilitate plant reproduction.

bumblebee on flower


Special powers

Unlike the honeybee, the bumblebee has the incredible ability to temporarily annoy someone else without tearing its own innards out.


The deep irony of the bumblebee’s kamikaze-free stinger is that it would really like to commit suicide, but can’t figure out how.

Number of legs


Rumors of flight

It is a common misconception that the bumblebee can fly. It’s hard to pin down the exact origin of this notion, but it’s only been increased by the many, many sightings of it flying, its tendency to move between locations which seem traversable only by flight, its possession of wings, etcetera. Physics tells us, however, that this is patently false. Our eyes and recording devices are not to be trusted on this matter.


The bumblebee used to also go by the humblebee, to highlight its vast reserves of humility. The name fell into disuse when the irony of this braggy nickname became clear. The fact that it took so long reflects poorly on the bumblebee’s intelligence. But it acknowledges its failings there, given that it’s so humble.


Pictured: The bumblebee thinking about how little it thinks about itself.

A note on senses

The bumblebee does not have ears, so it can’t hear what you’re saying about it.

What if it fought a bear?

The bumblebee, using its special power, would manage to not commit suicide.

Is it noble?


Final rating

The bumblebee fights for humanity and our allies the flowers, so I hate to call it out for its flaws. But it really freaks me out not knowing how they get around.


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2 thoughts on “Bumblebee

  1. Skptcl says:

    I’ve never been stung, chased by a bumble bee, and I’ve never felt threatened by one.

    Upon casual encounter with a bumble bee, I tends to give them space out of respect for their perceived/ potential stinging power.

    After having backed away from them I have noticed they will show little interest in you.

    I rate bumble bees as possessing a more refined intelligence them most other bees.

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